7 New Hydrogen Refueling Stations Coming to Northern CA

7 New Hydrogen Refueling Stations Coming to Northern CA

Joining the automotive future just got easier. Energy leader Shell, in partnership with Honda and Toyota, announced plans to bring seven new hydrogen refueling stations to California. In August, the California Energy Commission awarded Shell $16 million for the project and, we’re happy to report, five of the seven new locations will be in the Bay Area. California’s new hydrogen refueling stations include three locations in San Francisco, and one in each of Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Sacramento, and Citrus Heights.

What’s this mean for you?

The Clarity Fuel Cell’s 366 mile EPA range rating means you probably won’t be refueling very often, but more stations in the area mean more options and options are nice to have, don’t you think? With more refueling stations nearby you can decide which one’s more convenient for you. Is it easier to refuel when you’re in the City or easier in the East Bay in Berkeley or Walnut Creek? Or if you’re headed east perhaps it’s easier to refuel in Sacramento or in Citrus Heights just beyond the bustle of city traffic. Whichever one’s easier, one thing’s for sure: these new stations give you the power of choice.

What’s it mean for Honda?

Another notch in its eco-conscious, CO2 fighting belt! But really. Adding new refueling stations is another example of Honda’s commitment to the environment. By addressing society’s environmental and energy concerns through the development and implementation of technological advancements, Honda aims to reduce 50% of its total company CO2 emissions on a global basis by 2050. If you needed more reason to buy Honda, there you go.

For more info on the Clarity Fuel Cell, give us a call — (877) 418-8323 — or stop by the dealership and speak with a member of our sales team. As one of only six Northern California Honda dealerships selected to carry the Clarity line, including the Clarity Electric, Dublin Honda is your connection to a cleaner, greener automotive future.

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